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It doesn’t exist.

It is simply a shortcut to self-built totalitarianism – but we believe it is a favor done on our behalf.

As if we have been let in on some secret, be it the “American Dream” or religion. You are made to follow rules before you can speak…parents, the ultimate evil…just kidding. Our instinct to bow to authority as a kid, some more than others, some longer than others, was most necessary in our evolutionary past.

But how does a child raise a child? Or more succinctly, how does an American raise a child? To compete with them. As if we’re all on the playground shoving our resumes and credit scores in each others faces to prove … what? I hear it from my parents, my girl’s parents, anyone older than me. They all focus on the wrong numbers.

As if age alone grants you seniority of fact, or authority, funny how we come back to that. As if a credit score or a W2 box proves your worth. To who? To the real big kids on the playground that started that whole game in the first place, and they sit back and make bets on who white, repressed, religitards will hate more – blacks or browns.

Gullibility is the only path obedience to authority leads. But like everything else, we are in total denial.

It’s not gullibility, it is purpose – prescribed purpose. Like an empty vessel stuffed with credentials so you can pass the torch of homogenized automation of human spirit to your, let’s not call ’em children, but trophies if you are a lucky boomer – stains if not.

Fuck that.

The suckers that fall for religion or crony capitalism are on a fool’s errand. The men behind the curtain get theirs, I guar-an-fuckin’-tee it. They guran-god-damn-tee it themselves to with the little pyramid scheme of hierarchical authority that funnels money and power their way.

Let me try to attack this from a separate angle to try to add some dimension…

Your brain, statistically, is no different then that authority figure. Every religion, every myth, every bubble, every paradise that awaits after paying your dues is a lie. Knowledge is power. People with the knowledge and political power play the numbers game, knowing everybody wants something for nothing, and that we’re all xenophobic pieces of shit thanks to our individualistic society.

But, if they aren’t any better than you intrinsically, if we’re all basically the same, then how is authority anything but faith? A faith based on the very tone, or appearance of authority, which I have just proven has no real substance.

It has real results, though. Authority, being what it pretends to be, will absolve you from your own authority over your own life – which is the only kind that exists – but that’s simply free will. They will pretend they are doing a favor for you. Your reward is either a desk job and viagra, or to praise Jesus forever in Heaven for all eternity. Simply sacrifice the very thing you do have, that is so yours you take it for granted, your free will and present moment – so that those in power can continue to ostentatiously and unethically enjoy their free will in the present.

And by continually pumping “faith” into an idea, into some framework for life designed with malintent, you’ll continue your addiction to hope, optimism, the great, bright, beaming future. The ultimate payoff in your investment in authority.

It never pays off.

We’re dying one day at a time, and all we care about is that we look good doing whatever it is we are doing. We are so skin deep it makes me fucking suicidal.

But I am just 25, and I have no pats on the back from accredited authorities, so those that disagree completely (most) continue to out of personal attachment to convenient fantasy, because without pretty sounding bullshit to tell everybody – who would you be? Who would I be? We are nothing but mirrors of marketing. What point is communication, and our neocortex, 70% of our brain, the thinking part, if it’s just a file cabinet of spoon fed authority regurgitated by popular opinion?


You can’t win; you can’t break even; and you can’t quit.

Those three axioms are fundamental.

We all play the “game of life”, and 4/5 of us are dependent on a dated check for our sustenance.

First, at snail’s pace, now, nearing “the drain“, America and the Western habitus is a death march of surface-surfing zombies.

We are DNA. 40% of our active genes in that DNA are used for your brain alone. My brain knows that it is related to the brain of that ant, in some small way.

How little use is that 40% of DNA, or how small a brain does it take, to be the type of person whom eagerly proselytizes cannibalistic exploitation for its own sake?

Of course, someone like me with the smart mouth and shit that still stinks, plays the same game.


To be optimistic about it is a trap of tolerance, at best, and of temptation (of material gain – an evolutionary carrot-on-a-stick), at worst.

And not just that, dear reader, much like religion, the market infects your consciousness. Whatever ails you, the market/religion always provides the solution – but hasn’t/won’t/can’t ever be the problem. But, guess what is, my hopeful reader?


Does a fish know it’s in water? Does a well-to-do know their sycophants for the system? Either would have to be aware of their environment, primarily, before being able to alter its relationship with it.

All matter is constant and cannot be created or destroyed. Chemical reactions, light, the periodic table of elements, life itself, is dependent on electromagnetism – which works via difference in potential. We can see that difference from the big bang, which led to clusters of gas, stars, planets, galaxies, etc…

Exploitation by religion/marketing involves a metaphorical difference of potential designed to get a reaction in much the same way. And we pay for the privilege. You exist to serve the market and its institutions, while pretending (it seems) that the opposite is true. That’s called optimism.

Maybe that’s why everyone wants to point the finger at everyone else, as if their spoon-fed hope of winning is the remedy. In reality, we’re all just pointing towards the middle of our techno-zombie gulag, with the politicians, CEOs and money masters in center; all competing to be the fastest one to reach the end of exponential-ism.

For the pawns of the Ponzi, we each wake, work and dream on its command, with thermodynamic allegiance, even as we see the black hole of our humanity looming closer.

“Divided we stand, together we fall.”

Indeed you have heard me lament and criticize many things.

I am afraid, however, many people would agree with you. People don’t like to hear “bad news” when I can’t put a happy ending on it. Politicians and pundits, they will never present a problem that doesn’t, at least, have the veneer of a solution. Ambiguity doesn’t work in religion or politics. People like concreteness, they like to know, so they don’t have to worry.

Everyone, and believe me, this I experience personally (from you, the most), thinks that doing “something” is better than doing “nothing.” And, I take it, you think I do a bunch of “nothing” by my research laden criticism, and my lack of education, or vocation. Really, however, I have just been trying to attain the truth about the state of our world.

A politician, and the pundits that give them platform, will only speak about divisive issues, and will usually only appeal to engineered biases, and merely speak of [piecemeal] solutions to polarized problems. They whip up their constituency every time with mostly compartmentalized, polarized, emotionally fueled issues to rile up a vote that puts them in power. Past election day, you are (obviously) forgotten.

I am not a politician. I am not looking to convince you of some simple problems and simple solutions so you’ll like me, and think I am really some “maverick” or “hockey mom” that makes millions off Fox News in a run-up for 2012. Anyone looking to get power, any politician, shouldn’t be trusted. Plain and simple. Why journalists don’t seem to practice that, why most anything is taken at face value, why no one digs for truth, is because, frankly, people want to be comforted more than informed. I am not trying to make friends, and I am not afraid to piss you off.

A politician is. To who’s benefit? That’s a question that remains unasked. Do you really think you have a voice with demagogues like Palin or Beck? Those people are just exploiting, and exacerbating, the right wing backlash against Obama. They won’t give a fuck after November, it will still be mostly financial interests, insurance interests, defense interests, real estate interests, banking interests, or union interests (in the house) that run the show. If you don’t donate more than $25,000 or so, you won’t even shake the hand of a politician, let alone have a voice consequential to legislation.

So now that I’ve knocked that down, and hopefully, destroyed your false hopes and comforting illusions presented to you by today’s politics…let me say the following…

What is the most important thing in most Americans lives, despite what they say, what do our actions lead us towards? Money. Where does money come from?

Debt. Money is just a claim on debt, that starts out from the federal reserve, backed up by bonds, AKA, debt. Then the banks get some of this money at nearly 0% interest (since we’ve been trying to encourage consumption – that is your only role in this country), and through “fractional reserve” they can dole out, say, 9 billion of 10 billion dollars from the treasury. AKA 90%. But, then, they’ve created more debt to someone else with that loan, and thus, just add the 9 to the 10, for 19 billion total. And then they loan 90% of the 9 billion, and 90% of that 90%, and so on, and so on, and eventually, that 10 billion can be loaned out to about 100 billion dollars.

Out of thin air. Money isn’t created until debt is. If all debts were paid, all money would disappear. That’s the way the system works.

And only about 2% of the entire money supply is in circulation, the rest is digital.

Is it no wonder, that after the end of the Bretton Woods agreement (gold standard) in 1971 (IIRC – no google allowed), via Nixon, and after Carter’s politically non-expedient attempts at lowering inflation via rising interest rates, that Regan came in with “Reagonomics” and increased government spending to record levels? He made it look good, too, as Wall Street was flooded with cash and corruption, and the Cold War was eventually won off all the increases in defense spending (that would prove to keep you in a job, imho). Savings and Loan crisis, it was the precursor to the step by step decline of Wall Street and our economy. With government debt, and Alan Greenspan’s low interest rates, everyone started to live off debt – off claims on future labor, off tomorrow. Sure it looks good, for 30 years we have done nothing but exponentially increase public and private debt in a futile attempt at keeping our standard of living.

And guess what all that debt, all that money, is all tied to? Oil.

You follow the oil, you’ll follow history. Oil peaked in 2008 somewhere over $150 a barrel IIRC in July, within 2 months, we were spending and/or guaranteeing trillions of dollars of cash to failed institutions to keep them afloat. Do you think the gov’t would do that unless it was scared shitless? The financial system is a house of cards, a ponzi scheme in itself, just waiting to collapse. The only thing that keeps it going, and any bubble, is the deluded small-time investors who know nothing of economics, nothing of finance, nothing of the power that runs this country, other than what is allotted to them on TV. Don’t bite the hand that feeds.

Why does Oil matter to finance? Because if oil demand exceeds production, growth stops economically. Economic growth is fundamental to our monetary system based on debt, because growth is necessary to service that debt. If it cannot be serviced, it is defaulted on. You will see many municipalities get the end of the stick from their federal and state governments, and it will hit home soon enough. We’ve been bleeding hundreds of thousands of jobs for quite some time now, and throughout every other recession in recent history, housing led the way out. Housing was the last stand for speculative bubbles. It went from an adjusted for inflation avg. price of 100k for the last 60 years, to 280k in 2005, the peak of the bubble. Those prices, and corporate property as well, all real estate, have a long, long way down to go. China’s economy has one investment vehicle, that’s real estate. They have produced 10% growth, or close, year over year for nearly a decade. An insane bubble, one so crazy they demolish new high rises, vacant ones, just to build a new one. Chinese that make $10,000 a year are buying $200,000 apartments that have nothing in them, not even carpet, or paint, as “investments.” China is nothing but new veneer.

And you may not think oil will run out, or anytime soon, but I have shared with you military reports, reports not meant to be seen by the public. Their authors do not have to worry about reelection, and they are not serving any secondary interests. They are merely being strategic. If the US Joint Forces Command says that we will have a possible shortage of oil necessary to demand by around 2012, and that it could lead to obvious conflict over the scant resources left, and that same military has been attempting to control the region that provides some of those resources for 10 years, I’d listen.

Some lefties know and will placate to our “addiction” to oil, or other fossil fuels. They will cry about the environment, which is fair enough, but they, like everyone else, rely on technology as a savior. As if “green” replacements such as wind and solar will save us. Ha. China controls all rare earth elements, practically speaking, and, not a single, nor all combined, renewable sources can be or will be feasibly implemented. But, on our way down, as we sip up more oil, left leaning politicians will pretend we can ween ourselves off.

We can’t and we won’t. Our entire infrastructure, our entire monetary system, our suburban way of life, and even our food crops are dependent on it.

And that’s the big problem. Anything like immigration, gays in the military, bush tax cuts, intelligent design in schools, whatever, it’s all distraction, all bullshit, all designed to keep you attuned to the “illusion of incremental change” as if some reworking of some legislation, or a couple of vetos, or some new faces from the tea party, are really going to change things….they aren’t. But if you’re pumped with enough bullshit, and given enough “answers” to non questions, you will be content. TV is the opiate of the masses. Arguing about anything other than the very precarious nature of energy and what we depend on it for is just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

To further that metaphor, everyone, left or right, anyone caught up in political agendas, is still dancing away on the Titanic as if it didn’t hit an iceberg. The thing is, we did, we are sinking, our debts are unserviceable, our economy and energy paradigm unsustainable, and our political machine is powerless. A charade.

The fundamentals of our way of life are unsustainable. We have pretended for too long that nature, and the physical, non-linear laws that govern it, was a subset of the economy. It isn’t. Economics isn’t a science. We need an entirely new paradigm, a new way of thinking, at least one that recognizes the dilemmas ahead, and the downward side of the bell curve.

Let me reiterate. This system, political, economic, is unsustainable. No amount of voting, no amount of pundits, no amount of clever Obama bashing will save us. We have sewn the seeds for our own destruction by ignoring the crumbling foundations we’ve used to rest our misconceived notions on.

That won’t stop the politicians from grabbing for power and trying to maintain the structures that keep them there for as long as they can, until the money runs out, or the oil does.

The solutions will end up resting on the cooperation of local people for survival, not on charlatans who are using a crisis as a Christian soap box. Not even God could make this failed system, failed way of life, work. However, I fear that few will heed that warning, and fascism will come wrapped in the American flag. Only time will tell.

But we can’t fucking read, so what’s the point?

Let’s go back to our shitty 3D movies, MTV, mindless sports, political drivel, celebrity worship, quarterly-profit-driven teeny bopping pop music, our joke of a job at Starbucks (or Mr. Jim’s Pizza), our McDonald’s value menu, and our peers who dress, act, and parrot the same mindless banter as all their friends.

Pay no attention to any bad news. Because, the best way to deal with a problem, as we all know, is denial. And what better way to enjoy the succulent delights of denial than sanctioned denial. I bet it feels just like a cozy, warm, heavenly blanket wrapped all around you. Your peers, your government, and your opiate of choice, television, are all here for you in these (unbeknownst to you) precarious times.

You see, homogenization is a poison upon society, upon people, upon knowledge, and especially upon the arts. It sure does make for some predictable populations though, certainly helps in managing markets and profits, and we humans are only willingly lulled into it because of our deep-seated need to be accepted. To be ostracized, social suicide, is frightening. The comfort we seek in the herd has been exploited by governments and markets; and without this have happening, we’d have collapsed already.

Without all the distractions that serve to keep us mentally occupied, and thus, unaware, a lot more people would be a lot more pissed off. Debt, war, education, basic literacy, music, politics, government, corporatism, corruption, obesity, consumerism, water, top soil, peak oil, global warming, immigration, are just a few things on the list.

Back in 1976, a movie called “Network” came out. The protagonist was a little nuts, like me according to some myrmidons I know of, and his rants and raves in that movie put it on IMDB’s Top 250 Movies of All Time list. He famously said “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”

In 1976 he said that. We’ve only backed ourselves further into a corner since then. Walled in by debt, stupidity, corruption, and bullshit we are slowly starting to see those things we took for granted start to disappear permanently. We have no way out, which is why these things are not brought to the discussion by those in authority. It is politically inexpedient, and politicians sell an appearance, a charade, a mirage of a man. The funny thing is, most people fall for it every time and they themselves are only skin deep. But, hey, there’s an iPhone out, and Mafia Wars to play…

Only so much time in the day.

My first time “scratching the surface” was with religion. I mean, to a lot of people, that’s quite an easy thing to pick on, and pick apart. It’s not exactly “rocket science” to say you don’t believe in God for this or that reason. However, it was about 4 years ago that I, while perusing my very own MySpace page, read that I was Catholic, and decided to investigate the matter.

On my internet journey, I started out just reading about Catholics and the beliefs held by the Church. Since I treated religion as an obligation, much like education, I was apathetic towards it. By the time I was old enough to care about it, and thus learn about it, it was a practice in disillusionment. Virgin births? Please. Rising from the dead? Healing the blind? Obviously Jesus has a lot of explaining to do. After some months of alienating myself from some people, I’m sure, and further research into religion, I eventually accepted that I had disproved it, and that most other people didn’t give a shit. (Sound sorta familiar these days.)

Eventually I began to get interested in politics, with the 2008 election coming up, and my getting older and interest in religion got me thinking about issues other than cars or computers. Politics, being a dynamic thing, really was much more complicated to dissect than religion. I, and others I am sure can attest, had taken a relatively hard stance against Obama, and began my road down Libertarianism. I thought the market was the cure, the government was the problem. I had probably turned that into an almost black and white distinction – a viewpoint engineered into the political arena if you change the red and blue colors around. The truth is, they are not as different as they claim, but the only things they talk about (they being politicians, modern day priests, aka bullshit artists) are things which are obvious, or they have a bullshit solution that includes spending your money, going to war, or kicking the can down the road.

The things they can’t fix, or understand, or aren’t in their interests are the things that make all politicians shit for brain assholes, or greedy sociopaths, your choice. These things are not discussed, because, like the shitty movies Hollywood puts out these days, everything has to have a happy ending.

The happy ending is the carrot on the stick. You are the donkey chasing that carrot.

A priest isn’t going to have a sermon about sexually assaulting children, and a politician isn’t going to talk about trillions in debt with no foreseeable way of paying for it. That is political suicide.

What makes you happy makes you vote, and work, and buy shit. That false sense of security you are lulled into right now is precisely what this looney bin needs to keep the wheels turning. Without the opiate of the masses, TV, or empty promises to make up for today’s setbacks, and most certainly without the complete lack of attention span in this country that lets you be fooled by the same magic tricks – we wouldn’t be such an apathetic, comatose, oblivious society we are today.

Once you get past the empty promises of your priests to be delivered in the afterlife, and the empty promises of politicians to win votes and be forgotten, then it’s not so hard to see through bullshit peddled on the news that omits or distorts the truth. Usually omits. You start to get curious, something which neither priests nor politicians desire, and those promises become lies.

But don’t take it personally. That’s the outcome of the world we live in. A world saturated in bullshit, distractions, gluttony, and immaturity. Everywhere you look you can find evidence of popular misconceptions. Like any good pyramid scheme, like our economy, you buy and sell the bullshit. I would be willing to say most of my generation is interested more in what is popular, than what is true. Popular culture is what the news is based on. Sports, celebrities, bullshit. It is what most others surround themselves with, bullshit.

People’s energy is usually put into doing something for another’s profit, or attempt at it in my case, and then anything outside of work is “leisure time” spent doing nothing of importance, thus the boredom most experience, leading to the use of several distraction methods to allay said boredom.

People are more concerned about boredom and reality TV than extinction and physical reality. They are totally disconnected from nature, the real world, and the whole rest of the ecosystem as well as themselves. People have no real identity. I can scratch the surface of society, of the “American Dream” and America today and find nothing but rotten apples. I can also scratch the surface of most people I see on a daily basis, and see that brain that took 13 billion years to get here is devoid of relevance. They, as the press calls them, are nothing but consumers. Either of food, obviously, or of advertising, distractions, or bullshit.

I think, somewhere deep, deep down, people know this about themselves. Because they try to cover it up. Fat chicks wear tight clothes playing pretend, apparently. Old ladies dress like hookers in Colleyville. I see Maybachs and Aston Martins parked at Church, who worships a guy that said the meek will inherit the Earth, and the love of money is the root of all evil. I see people so ignorant, they are ignorant to their own hypocrisy. I know a lot of dumbasses, or knew, in college acting smart because they were physically in a classroom but mentally in a playpen – where they have been, mentally, their entire lives. Even the “smart” ones that would agree with me, but think their consumer choice of different light bulbs and a Prius will afford them all the other bullshit are wrong. Technology cannot replace the immense energy we use, it is only a product of it.

People in this land of 300,000,000 live and breathe skin deep. They know nothing, or care about nothing, past the surface. It’s easier that way, I guess. Less mental effort, less mental stress. But, in reality, that only makes the time bomb bigger. Eventually, we as a society, as a world, as humans, will have to face the consequences for the way we’ve been living. That, or our future generations will. But if any of you were curious enough, you’d probably bet on the latter.

I can see why no one would believe such cynical viewpoints as I espouse here. Most people in the United States have a vested interest in the status quo remaining in place – in exponential growth, unending war, environmental destruction and their (likely) meaningless job, and meaningless money, that come as consequence those three.

You know what my meaningless job is? Pizza delivery.

My job is on the knife edge of American culture. Without factory farming to provide the pre-cooked meats brought on diesel powered trucks once a week to the store, without the 2/3 of oil we import to power those trucks and my car, and without the bailed out, propped up, zombified banking industry that lets the owner make payroll with her retirement fund, and the customers waste money on pizza – I wouldn’t have any income.

Think of the immense waste of resources and time that I, as an individual, make for my job. I drive 45 miles or so, one way, to get to work. I end up driving about another 60 at work, then 45 back home. I burn up about $15 in gas a day so that, on average, about 8 or so fat, lazy, or just spoiled (I work in Colleyville, TX – high avg. income) people can get pizza. Usually that pizza is $10 these days, to keep up with Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s. Unfortunately, due to the prices Mr. Jim’s distributor, Roma foods, charges the food cost is too high to sell pizzas that low.

Thus – my current owner pays me out of her private money, and has yet to make a profit since October 2009. My previous boss, the owner of another store I worked at for well over a year, paid me up to 6 weeks late for most of that time and just yesterday closed his doors permanently after desperate attempts to make profit.

Frivolities such as pizza delivery are the pawns of the American economy, or the fucked up game that we call the American economy. But, when it comes to how the chess game of life will play out, I can assure you the laws of physics will trump the laws of economics. The volatility I witness at my job is only a foretelling of what is, or will, happen to the rest of the economy.

You see. I could have a blind optimism, a testament to ignorance, a justification for obedience, but curiosity deems those things bad moves in this game. I will talk in grander vision in the next post.

When you read this post, try to remember what life is like for others in different corners of the world, and how it has treated peoples of the past.

Not a whole lot of talk about standard of living for these people. Not a whole lot of depression, or obesity; nor science, or literature.

Try to remember thousands of years ago, when there were exponentially less people on the planet. We have had humanity inflation in these recent years, so much so we deliberately ignore most people, the hundreds sometimes, we come across in a day.

Unfortunately, our brains have remain unchanged since the times we’d see 50 people in our entire lives – not in a trip to Wal Mart, so Americans are as mentally unhealthy as they are physically. As individuals, as people with access to any information they want, any entertainment, any means of travel, control over their climate, and instant communication with each other, these are where the choices we have made have taken us. We have pursued, and gained, the individual freedom only a King would have enjoyed – and a plethora of ways to use it. At least, that’s what the slogan is for modern living, for the Western lifestyle.

What’s the fine print? After all, if you have some knowledge of thermodynamics, you know that matter cannot be created or destroyed. It is a fundamental law of the universe. So where did the cars, the A/C, the buses, televisions, computers and industrial processes that provide the work and the products we participate in, and the energy to make it happen, come from? Hydrocarbons, baby! So called “fossil fuels”.

Ya. That’s the man behind the curtain, there. The Wizard of Oz is hydrocarbons. One gallon of gas is 125,000 BTUs, or 500 hours of human work. To say another way, what gets your car 30 miles down the road, would take you 500 hours to work off. Think of your gadgets surrounding you that are powered by it, the AC, the speed (when not in traffic), etc. Fossil fuels are an amazing culmination of time, pressure, and nature – the rocket fuel that has propelled civilization to the point it enslaved itself to the comforts of entertainment.

All this is enabled by very basic, animal instincts. Primal ways of how we are wired lend us easily to addictive behaviors. We overindulge, no matter who we are, because throughout our evolutionary past what is now plentiful (thanks to hydrocarbons) was, for most of history, scarce. We are addicted. Our brain rewards us with dopamine for violence, eating, and sex. With the help of, because of, or for those things, that is the man behind the curtain in our own heads. Now, most Americans have a problem with too much food, and too much debt. The ironic thing is, the literal treadmill collects dust; while the figurative treadmill of running and not getting anywhere is what we, as a society, are doing.

But, the good news is, smart people like me and you can selfishly, hypocritically, take advantage of others who sell their soul to make a buck. Movies, music, video games, cars, all make us happy for our own survival while guaranteeing the non-survival of the civilization. That’s what happens.

Our individual choices should be more balanced, yes? How to evolve, how to try to get your fill of the past so you can build the future, is difficult. But maybe it’s possible?

And here comes this guy, right? Me? Some 24 year old know-it-all, punk kid?

Or a guy with a weird “bear” obsession. With just another blog, surely not to be read by many people, in this cosmically vast sea of trite, meandering information we call the internet, some others call it porn-on-demand. To the point, in my amateur mental narcissism, I would say we all slumber, dream, and arise to live under the finger of patiently awaiting mortality, in a world based on the left overs from the mass extinction of the former rulers of this planet – oil.

Ya that may come as no surprise to many of you, maybe even most. But, ask yourself, have you really given thought to how the things in your life happen? How the things you buy, or have, or take for granted, are created, or sustained? Or your job, your health, your food? Everything you buy, your role in this society, the entire geopolitical climate, the entire economy, and our entire world population is based on a rarely discussed axiom of linear growth in a world of bell curves, fueled by oil. Many, many people turn this into some politically awash debate, and many look to promise you everything’s fine because we can keep our 5%-of-the-world-population-using-25%-of-it’s-resources-lifestyle with some paltry wind, or solar, or scant nuclear power, or other alternatives at present. At the moment, we are headed down a very dark alley.

I wouldn’t be the first to hypocritically champion some post partisan nonsense. Most will have never known of the realities that create the world they live in, or the distortions that create their perception of it. Some will obtain and/or repeat shallow mantras from left, right, or center, or left field, without ever having looked in the mirror, in a vain attempt at individual thought, but thinking isn’t a team sport. There are no winners and losers. There are no black and white, easy answers, and I am not attempting to give that. I am asking you to consider all those precepts, axioms, and whatever opinions you hold onto and challenge them yourself, because in a world of nearly 7 billion, and rising, human intellect has been watered down, and as a social animal it is all too easy to find comfort of mind in the popular, shallow opinions of any color.

It’s too bad all this analysis is in vain, hypocritical, and shallow in it’s own way because it would not have been formed or heard without the world I criticize. Life is a grand irony.