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Not counting any other forms of energy but oil…

…which is here because all life on this planet died and cooked under our feet for hundreds of millions of years…

We use 90,000,000 barrels a day. Roughly 1,000 barrels a second….

…one barrel is 42 gallons, which can be converted into about 20 gallons worth of gas…

…one gallon of gas is 500 hours or so of human labor…

…a 75 year life span is 657,000 hours including sleep…

500 hours x 20 gallons x 1000 barrels = 10,000,000 hours of human labor…

………meaning, allowing for sleep, the life’s labor of 22 human slaves is consumed every second  to make the clock of capitalism tick and, as a special bonus offer!!!— it’s required the clock ticks faster or else debt (=money) doesn’t work…

(For a total of 900 billion [/7 billion = 128 per capita] hours of labor a day…thus putting us ‘beyond our means’ of what we could produce with our hands alone, as in our evolutionary past, by a factor of 8:1, if the entire earth slaved from wake to sleep. Then, since I’m an Uh-Merrican, I use 25% of the energy as 5% of the population….and ‘full time’ couch potatoes work 40 hours, so that jumps to 112:1 in this country.)

….hmmmm…as a side note, I wonder what this kind of exploitation does for the ego that developed in those world made by hand days of yonder?

Say, did you see the new episode of 16 and Pregnant on MTV???????OMG YOU HAVE 2 SEE IT!@@@#!!! 


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  1. I’m curious – who else is reading this blog, yet not responding? Don’t get me wrong, I have “head in sand” syndrome myself and yes this is overwhelming. OR, maybe you think this is just a bunch of attention getting bullshit.

    Political correctness is just another form of cowardice.What is the worst that can happen if you respond, you offend someone who is ALREADY seriously offended by much greater issues then you are capable of occupy?

    Give it a try…

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