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Monthly Archives: May 2011


It doesn’t exist.

It is simply a shortcut to self-built totalitarianism – but we believe it is a favor done on our behalf.

As if we have been let in on some secret, be it the “American Dream” or religion. You are made to follow rules before you can speak…parents, the ultimate evil…just kidding. Our instinct to bow to authority as a kid, some more than others, some longer than others, was most necessary in our evolutionary past.

But how does a child raise a child? Or more succinctly, how does an American raise a child? To compete with them. As if we’re all on the playground shoving our resumes and credit scores in each others faces to prove … what? I hear it from my parents, my girl’s parents, anyone older than me. They all focus on the wrong numbers.

As if age alone grants you seniority of fact, or authority, funny how we come back to that. As if a credit score or a W2 box proves your worth. To who? To the real big kids on the playground that started that whole game in the first place, and they sit back and make bets on who white, repressed, religitards will hate more – blacks or browns.

Gullibility is the only path obedience to authority leads. But like everything else, we are in total denial.

It’s not gullibility, it is purpose – prescribed purpose. Like an empty vessel stuffed with credentials so you can pass the torch of homogenized automation of human spirit to your, let’s not call ’em children, but trophies if you are a lucky boomer – stains if not.

Fuck that.

The suckers that fall for religion or crony capitalism are on a fool’s errand. The men behind the curtain get theirs, I guar-an-fuckin’-tee it. They guran-god-damn-tee it themselves to with the little pyramid scheme of hierarchical authority that funnels money and power their way.

Let me try to attack this from a separate angle to try to add some dimension…

Your brain, statistically, is no different then that authority figure. Every religion, every myth, every bubble, every paradise that awaits after paying your dues is a lie. Knowledge is power. People with the knowledge and political power play the numbers game, knowing everybody wants something for nothing, and that we’re all xenophobic pieces of shit thanks to our individualistic society.

But, if they aren’t any better than you intrinsically, if we’re all basically the same, then how is authority anything but faith? A faith based on the very tone, or appearance of authority, which I have just proven has no real substance.

It has real results, though. Authority, being what it pretends to be, will absolve you from your own authority over your own life – which is the only kind that exists – but that’s simply free will. They will pretend they are doing a favor for you. Your reward is either a desk job and viagra, or to praise Jesus forever in Heaven for all eternity. Simply sacrifice the very thing you do have, that is so yours you take it for granted, your free will and present moment – so that those in power can continue to ostentatiously and unethically enjoy their free will in the present.

And by continually pumping “faith” into an idea, into some framework for life designed with malintent, you’ll continue your addiction to hope, optimism, the great, bright, beaming future. The ultimate payoff in your investment in authority.

It never pays off.

We’re dying one day at a time, and all we care about is that we look good doing whatever it is we are doing. We are so skin deep it makes me fucking suicidal.

But I am just 25, and I have no pats on the back from accredited authorities, so those that disagree completely (most) continue to out of personal attachment to convenient fantasy, because without pretty sounding bullshit to tell everybody – who would you be? Who would I be? We are nothing but mirrors of marketing. What point is communication, and our neocortex, 70% of our brain, the thinking part, if it’s just a file cabinet of spoon fed authority regurgitated by popular opinion?

You can’t win; you can’t break even; and you can’t quit.

Those three axioms are fundamental.

We all play the “game of life”, and 4/5 of us are dependent on a dated check for our sustenance.

First, at snail’s pace, now, nearing “the drain“, America and the Western habitus is a death march of surface-surfing zombies.

We are DNA. 40% of our active genes in that DNA are used for your brain alone. My brain knows that it is related to the brain of that ant, in some small way.

How little use is that 40% of DNA, or how small a brain does it take, to be the type of person whom eagerly proselytizes cannibalistic exploitation for its own sake?

Of course, someone like me with the smart mouth and shit that still stinks, plays the same game.


To be optimistic about it is a trap of tolerance, at best, and of temptation (of material gain – an evolutionary carrot-on-a-stick), at worst.

And not just that, dear reader, much like religion, the market infects your consciousness. Whatever ails you, the market/religion always provides the solution – but hasn’t/won’t/can’t ever be the problem. But, guess what is, my hopeful reader?


Does a fish know it’s in water? Does a well-to-do know their sycophants for the system? Either would have to be aware of their environment, primarily, before being able to alter its relationship with it.

All matter is constant and cannot be created or destroyed. Chemical reactions, light, the periodic table of elements, life itself, is dependent on electromagnetism – which works via difference in potential. We can see that difference from the big bang, which led to clusters of gas, stars, planets, galaxies, etc…

Exploitation by religion/marketing involves a metaphorical difference of potential designed to get a reaction in much the same way. And we pay for the privilege. You exist to serve the market and its institutions, while pretending (it seems) that the opposite is true. That’s called optimism.

Maybe that’s why everyone wants to point the finger at everyone else, as if their spoon-fed hope of winning is the remedy. In reality, we’re all just pointing towards the middle of our techno-zombie gulag, with the politicians, CEOs and money masters in center; all competing to be the fastest one to reach the end of exponential-ism.

For the pawns of the Ponzi, we each wake, work and dream on its command, with thermodynamic allegiance, even as we see the black hole of our humanity looming closer.

“Divided we stand, together we fall.”