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Monthly Archives: August 2010

But we can’t fucking read, so what’s the point?

Let’s go back to our shitty 3D movies, MTV, mindless sports, political drivel, celebrity worship, quarterly-profit-driven teeny bopping pop music, our joke of a job at Starbucks (or Mr. Jim’s Pizza), our McDonald’s value menu, and our peers who dress, act, and parrot the same mindless banter as all their friends.

Pay no attention to any bad news. Because, the best way to deal with a problem, as we all know, is denial. And what better way to enjoy the succulent delights of denial than sanctioned denial. I bet it feels just like a cozy, warm, heavenly blanket wrapped all around you. Your peers, your government, and your opiate of choice, television, are all here for you in these (unbeknownst to you) precarious times.

You see, homogenization is a poison upon society, upon people, upon knowledge, and especially upon the arts. It sure does make for some predictable populations though, certainly helps in managing markets and profits, and we humans are only willingly lulled into it because of our deep-seated need to be accepted. To be ostracized, social suicide, is frightening. The comfort we seek in the herd has been exploited by governments and markets; and without this have happening, we’d have collapsed already.

Without all the distractions that serve to keep us mentally occupied, and thus, unaware, a lot more people would be a lot more pissed off. Debt, war, education, basic literacy, music, politics, government, corporatism, corruption, obesity, consumerism, water, top soil, peak oil, global warming, immigration, are just a few things on the list.

Back in 1976, a movie called “Network” came out. The protagonist was a little nuts, like me according to some myrmidons I know of, and his rants and raves in that movie put it on IMDB’s Top 250 Movies of All Time list. He famously said “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”

In 1976 he said that. We’ve only backed ourselves further into a corner since then. Walled in by debt, stupidity, corruption, and bullshit we are slowly starting to see those things we took for granted start to disappear permanently. We have no way out, which is why these things are not brought to the discussion by those in authority. It is politically inexpedient, and politicians sell an appearance, a charade, a mirage of a man. The funny thing is, most people fall for it every time and they themselves are only skin deep. But, hey, there’s an iPhone out, and Mafia Wars to play…

Only so much time in the day.