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Monthly Archives: April 2010

And here comes this guy, right? Me? Some 24 year old know-it-all, punk kid?

Or a guy with a weird “bear” obsession. With just another blog, surely not to be read by many people, in this cosmically vast sea of trite, meandering information we call the internet, some others call it porn-on-demand. To the point, in my amateur mental narcissism, I would say we all slumber, dream, and arise to live under the finger of patiently awaiting mortality, in a world based on the left overs from the mass extinction of the former rulers of this planet – oil.

Ya that may come as no surprise to many of you, maybe even most. But, ask yourself, have you really given thought to how the things in your life happen? How the things you buy, or have, or take for granted, are created, or sustained? Or your job, your health, your food? Everything you buy, your role in this society, the entire geopolitical climate, the entire economy, and our entire world population is based on a rarely discussed axiom of linear growth in a world of bell curves, fueled by oil. Many, many people turn this into some politically awash debate, and many look to promise you everything’s fine because we can keep our 5%-of-the-world-population-using-25%-of-it’s-resources-lifestyle with some paltry wind, or solar, or scant nuclear power, or other alternatives at present. At the moment, we are headed down a very dark alley.

I wouldn’t be the first to hypocritically champion some post partisan nonsense. Most will have never known of the realities that create the world they live in, or the distortions that create their perception of it. Some will obtain and/or repeat shallow mantras from left, right, or center, or left field, without ever having looked in the mirror, in a vain attempt at individual thought, but thinking isn’t a team sport. There are no winners and losers. There are no black and white, easy answers, and I am not attempting to give that. I am asking you to consider all those precepts, axioms, and whatever opinions you hold onto and challenge them yourself, because in a world of nearly 7 billion, and rising, human intellect has been watered down, and as a social animal it is all too easy to find comfort of mind in the popular, shallow opinions of any color.

It’s too bad all this analysis is in vain, hypocritical, and shallow in it’s own way because it would not have been formed or heard without the world I criticize. Life is a grand irony.